Grounded on a theme that accentuates how we are connected to the intricacy of nature, the Natura collection from Ulster Carpets is infused with both harmony and balance.

Designed to meet the exacting needs of the hospitality industry, Natura encompasses 7 new designs in 24 different colourways that are suitable for a range of applications, including public areas, guest rooms, restaurants and corridors, amongst others.

The new designs magnify the beauty of nature by focusing on the intimate detail of the elements around us. The outcome is a carefully curated collection that finds a perfect balance between impactful aesthetics and subtle beauty.

Just like the natural world, there is also a balance to how Ulster have combined these 7 new designs with the 24 colourways available. Earth’s strongest hues and hushed tones have been transformed into a contemporary colour palette and then intuitively paired with each new design to create maximum impact.

Ulster’s patented weaving process also adds unrivalled depth and texture, with each design expertly woven in 8 row Axminster quality that is suitable for heavy contract applications. Manufactured from 80% wool and 20% nylon, Natura is available in 4m width with a maximum vertical repeat of 1m.

There is no minimum order required and Natura is available immediately from Ulster’s comprehensive stocks.

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