Create a spatial statement with Wallcovering+Print  

Vescom recognizes the value that customization can add to contemporary international project interiors. That is why we offer architects and interior designers tailor-made material solutions, including digitally printed wallcoverings. Solutions that fit perfectly. Whether architects and interior designers provide us with realistic or abstract images, with a pattern or material, or even with text material, we translate it into a wallcovering of the perfect size and quality.

Combine functionality and individuality with Curtain+Print  

Vescom’s digitally printed curtain fabrics make it possible to combine customized images with the functionality of dim outs, black outs, acoustic curtains and more. Vescom Curtain+Print is available in a wide range of textures, yarn combinations and structures that add tactility and personality to spaces. Contact us to discover the possibilities.

Strong synergy of materials  

Vescom Customize is an addition to the strong material synergy that is characteristic of the entire Vescom collection: wall coverings, curtain fabrics and furniture coverings for the international contract market. Vescom products are all designed from the same principle, with the same DNA. This means that architects and interior designers can effortlessly combine products from different Vescom collections to tell a cohesive, complete material story through texture, colour and look & feel. Vescom Customize actually adds an almost limitless number of possibilities to this holistic material story.

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