Like any business firmly rooted in a design practice, we’re always evolving what we create. That’s why you might notice our new collection feels a bit different. A little bolder. A little braver. Above all, a lot cosier.

Where previously our approach might have veered more classical, it’s taking on a fresh and contemporary feeling as it matures. We like to think of it as aging in reverse. The result is a series of pieces that invite us to take a moment, slow down and enjoy the glow of a well-lit room on
a cool evening.

The Itero Collection is about evolution. It’s about tactility, earthiness and
slowing down. It takes its cues from the Japanese principle of Wabi Sabi, of
finding joy in imperfection.

The Elara Table Lamp encapsulates this perfectly. Its handsome ceramic base is full of little craters and dimples, each revealing the story of how it was made. The process of producing both the Elara and Ayda sees the ceramics finished at a very high temperature in the kiln. This causes the material to rapidly heat and, like little bubbles bursting, forms a texture that up-close looks like the face of the moon.

The Kobi lamp is another example. Coming as a floor, table and double pendant light, the Italian calacatta gold marble was carefully honed into a matt surface, a departure from the high-gloss finish that many expect from marble. It’s also the result of closely examining each slab, ensuring the veins form a beautiful composition across each finished piece.

In a few weeks, we will be releasing the final pieces of the Itero collection. Join our mailing list and follow us on Instagram to see more products as they are revealed.

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