One of the products that will be on display for GROHE at the BCFA Open Dublin is their Rapido Smartbox, a rough-in kit for concealed shower systems.

“We will be showcasing our Rapido Smartbox rough-in kit, a universal solution that is compatible with more than 170 different GROHE shower trims, meaning specifiers can offer their clients a stylish concealed shower that is designed with their individual project in mind. Concealed showers are being increasingly specified thanks to their minimalist aesthetic, the ability to create more space in the shower and the design freedom it gives to specifiers and designers.”

GROHE Rapido Smartbox 700x450

Rapido SmartBox

“In a traditional exposed system, the positioning of a shower valve is limited by the length of the shower hose however this is completely eliminated with a concealed shower system as the concealed valve can be placed on an opposing wall away from the outlet. Our Rapido Smartbox is also unique in that it is the first product of its kind to offer three outlets from just one rough-in kit and trim set.”

Thanks to the Rapido Smartbox and the vast number of GROHE trim designs it works with, concealed showering is made accessible for all. Even the smallest of bathrooms can accommodate such compact and minimalist dimensions whilst the lack of exposed pipework is great for awkwardly shaped spaces where the control set may need to be on an opposing wall to the head shower.

GROHE Grotherm trim with 2-way diverter and AquaDimmer for head and hand shower 700x450

“With three ceramic ranges and a fourth launching in the UK later this year along with the brand’s first collection of baths, GROHE is now a provider of complete bathroom solutions for the contracts market. Specifiers are seeking a coordinated design scheme throughout a space and sourcing all products from one brand can help achieve the desired look quickly and easily.”

How you use your shower will dictate what you require from it. Whether it’s a rejuvenating wake-up call, a hand shower that helps you easily bathe the kids without getting drenched in the process, or the chance for some peace and quiet at the end of the day, the versatility of the Rapido Smartbox can help you specify just that. Plus, when it comes to the look and feel of your space, there’s no need to spend hours searching for the perfect product as all the design possibilities, even down to the smallest details, can be hand-selected to achieve exactly the look you want.

GROHE Grohtherm trim set with 2-way diverter and Aquadimmer for head and hand shower 700x450

“A key focus for us in 2019 is to leverage our new status as ‘supplier of complete bathroom solutions’ along with our accreditation from the BCFA to help win some exciting new projects in the contracts sector. To perfectly complement our ceramicware, we now offer beautiful coloured brassware across many of our ranges in ten different finishes; from taps and showers, to accessories and flush plates. We’ll have a selection of models on display and believe that the premium quality and long-lasting PVD colour coating will quite literally shine through, and attract lots of interest.”

The Rapido Smartbox now matches perfectly with three different styles of trim set; two-handle thermostats, single-lever mixers and the SmartControl Concealed, all of which are available in an array of colours, finishes, shapes and sizes. All three styles offer varying functionalities, aesthetics and price points so you can find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Manufacturing the 3D metal-printed taps

3D printing has long been regarded as the manufacturing technology of the future. Components made via 3D printing have set new standards for premium manufacturers in the automotive and aircraft industry. In the sanitary sector, GROHE is now offering GROHE Atrio Icon 3D and GROHE Allure Brilliant Icon 3D, two unique tap designs created using 3D metal-printing.

02_GROHE_Icon_3D_PrintingProcess 700x450

GROHE’s 3D metal-printing process makes virtually any geometry possible and invites us to rediscover materiality. By refining the shapes to their bare essentials, the corrosion-resistant steel used as a raw, and at the same time, highly castable material also comes to the fore in the final product. The reduction of the design and the emphasis on the pure essence of the shapes not only saves valuable resources, but also offers a new interactive experience of water.

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