Joining us for the first time this year is innovative furnishing fabrics supplier, Skopos.  Skopos provide high quality flame retardant fabrics to the contract market and are excited to be apart of a unique event in Dublin.

John Drake, Director of Sales sees Ireland as a forward thinking country and thinks that the Skopos product portfolio is the perfect fit for the market.ORIGAMI 50 webHave you noticed any design trends in your sector that differentiate British design and Irish design?

Contract fabrics for British and Irish interiors are not a million miles apart.  There are some subtle differences in that the Irish market may be slightly more influenced by leisure design cues, however roll-out schemes tend to carry across both countries and generally reflect similar trends regarding design, interesting textures and scale. Both countries are forward thinking, pushing for new designs, looking to contemporary ideas and statement schemes.

Why is the BCFA Open Dublin an unmissable opportunity for you?

The BCFA Open Dublin is an excellent opportunity for Skopos to meet with designers and specifiers in a targeted fashion. The Irish market does not have an overload of exhibitions or networking events for the contract interiors industry and so visitors are keen and enthusiastic to be updated on new products, bespoke project opportunities and have an occasion to share ideas with other people in the industry.

What’s your current bestseller in Ireland?

Our current best sellers in Ireland are actually Bespoke products, fabrics that have been specially developed and designed for a large hotel chain. Our Bespoke offer enables customers to have a unique product, changing elements of a design, print or weave to meet the customers’ requirements. Our best-selling product from our collections is a beautiful copper-coloured velvet from our Beau collection. This product echoes the continuing trend for colours that continue a soft metallic theme.

What are you most excited about highlighting at the BCFA Open and why?

We are excited to showcase our latest wide width drape Origami (Trevira CS), launched earlier this year.  The collection reflects the trend for irregular geometrics and showcases a very sophisticated mix of interesting FR yarns in a well thought through palette. We are also keen to discuss the opportunities bespoke designs can offer. Anything is possible.  Our expertise in this area moves project possibilities to another creative level.Beau Velvet in Blaze Colourway webCheck out Skopos’s exhibitor profile here and you can register for this event for free here