Returning for the second time, after a brilliant first year is luxury fabric specialist, Kobe. We spoke with Kobe’s Managing Director, David Harris to find out why he’s coming back to the BCFA Open Dublin for more!David Harris 2 webHave you noticed any design trends in your sector that differentiate British design and Irish design?

We see trends differing considerably in Ireland. There’s a real mix of old and new – the old areas lean towards a more traditional approach to décor. Our Chanten collection of fabrics features a Damask print and is popular within classic installations.

City locations have a more contemporary attitude, where dim out blinds mixed with a simple curtain are prevalent. Our Elements range is a favourite choice due to its clean lines and modern palette.

The Brits have a more eclectic approach to interior styling. Mixing vintage with more up-to-date styles is something that we see regularly – particularly in boutique hotels.

Why is the BCFA Open Dublin an unmissable opportunity for you?

The Guinness Storehouse, where the event is held is a great location which works well for our products.  It’s also well supported by Irish architects and designers who always make a fantastic effort to come to the event. There’s also a good mix of exhibitors making it a thoroughly enjoyable show.Spezia from Kobe UK web

“We see trends differing considerably in Ireland. There’s a real mix of old and new.”

What’s your current bestseller in Ireland?

We have a number of fabrics that do well in this region. Inside the city, Elements works well, while outside, classic prints that can be found within our Boutique collections are popular.

 What are you most excited about highlighting at the BCFA Open and why?

We’re looking forward to showing a selection of our room high fabrics – which are extra width for window décor more than 300cm high – and patterns which are printed or woven horizontally across to ensure a seamless finish. They include the very latest flame retardant Spezia fabric from our Plains & Basic collection – available in 26 colours – from calming neutrals to bolder shades of grape and sage.

We’ll also be showing the Arrow & Lines collection, which features geometric patterns in a mix of matt and metallic yarns to create a modern look and feel. Arrow is available in 14 shades, while Lines offers 11 colourways.

You can register for the free event here and check out Kobe’s exhibitor profile here