Joining us for the first time at this years BCFA Open Dublin is Franklite, who are pioneers in lighting design & manufacture. They have been around since 1973 and [FUN FACT] they were the first producer to innovate and introduce low energy chandeliers to the hospitality sector many years ago!

Ian Cathcart, Sales & Marketing Director tells us how even with good representation in Ireland, the BCFA Open is a fantastic opportunity for Franklite to meet existing, as well as potentially new clients. Ian Cathcart portrait (004)Have you noticed any design trends in your sector that differentiate British design and Irish design?

It is very difficult to predict trends in the lighting industry as what works in one city, with its design and architecture, may not work in another. However, we are seeing a gathering of pace towards the gold and brass finishes.

Why is the BCFA Open Dublin an unmissable opportunity for you?

We do have good representation in Ireland, however the added exposure that the BCFA Open will bring us would mean it would be an unmissable event!

“We are seeing a gathering of pace towards the gold and brass finishes.”

What’s your current bestseller in Ireland?

We have a number of best sellers within our range in Ireland however the reason we are exhibiting is to get further exposure to our newer ranges such as Reaction, Bistro, Clemmy and Tangent, also it gives us opportunity to build on our recent successes in the UK with our new finishes.

What are you most excited about highlighting at the BCFA Open and why?

Franklite are excited about the opportunity to meet and engage with new designers and specifiers and see if we are making product that agrees with the current taste in the market.

We are always listening, so please feel free to visit our stand and open a discussion for your latest lighting applications.Dandy Q4You can register to attend this event for free here and check out Franklite’s exhibitor profile here