Chieftain Fabrics design and manufacture contemporary, high quality textiles, perfect for designers and manufacturers.

At Chieftain, we ensure our faux leathers and woven fabrics are as sustainable as possible through a combination of technical expertise and constant research into new ingredients and manufacturing innovations. We have a strong focus on environmental impact throughout all our processes, from design to delivery.

For example:

  • In 2015 all Phthalates were eliminated from our formulation
  • Wastewater treatments were installed in all manufacturing facilities in 2016
  • Solvent-based lacquers were replaced by water-based lacquers in 2017
  • All flame retardants were replaced with greener alternatives in 2017
  • In 2017 they started using only organic cotton fibre in our backing cloth
  • All dyes are organic
  • All waste fabric is recycled through our recycling partner, Recovinyl™
  • All packaging is recycled.

Our fabrics are manufactured within in the EU and all our ingredients are REACH compliant. We are members of Vinyl Plus and we subscribe to the UN Global Compact.  We are also ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

Chieftain Fabrics are committed to forward thinking. Thanks to our scientific expertise and sustainability ethos, our products are continually improving.

Our Woven Fabrics


Ravel is Chieftain Fabrics first woven product to be added to our collection. We have taken great care in researching and developing this new range, so that it would not be confined to just one sector. Ravel is Crib 5 as standard, treated with all Teflon© Stain Resistant finish and is also antimicrobial, making it versatile and adaptable to all environments.

Ravel has 21 colourways, all of which were especially selected to complement our faux leather collections. We knew our first woven range had to be used in conjunction with our existing fabrics to make it easier for our customers to specify and choose the best combination for each project.


Chieftain’s latest woven fabric is called Carousel. A luxurious fabric in a range of bright vibrant colours made using Aquaclean® technology.

Fabrics with Aquaclean® technology have been certified with the ‘Made in Green’ registered trademark. This guarantees the absence of harmful substances in fabrics and ensures the manufacturing process respects the environment. Carousel is also manufactured with 59% Recycled Cotton, making it almost 60% biodegradable.

Just Like Chieftain, Aquaclean® believe in our responsibility towards future generations and avoid the use of any harmful substances.

New Products

At Chieftain, we are planning to launch several new ranges in 2022, all of which are recently developed and very much in keeping with our sustainability ethos.  Our team are very proud of our new cradle to cradle ranges, made from both bio and recycled sources.

We are really looking forward to introducing the first of these super sustainable ranges at the BCFA Dublin show. It is the first of three ranges to be launched, all sharing incredible eco credentials.

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